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  1. When signing up, select a username that is unique to you.
  2. Creating a post in order to incite members and invoke a negative response is forbidden. “Flaming” as it is called will not be tolerated.
  3. We have ZERO tolerance for statements, opinions, or views that are sexist, bigoted, racist, xenophobic or homophobic. PERIOD.
  4. Be an adult. Malicious or inflammatory attacks on other members like childish insults, names, allegations that are baseless, antagonistic, or outright uncalled for will not be tolerated. We welcome users/visitors of other school fan sites but the rules apply to everyone so be aware.
  5. An honest opinion of the performance of a TCU athlete or recruit is fine and welcomed but we will not allow baseless criticism. Don’t make it personal, these are young adults and criticism of them personally will not be tolerated.
  6. Don’t even think of posting any adult or sexually explicit content OR links to adult or sexually explicit content. What is sexually explicit? In the end WE DETERMINE THAT but as a general guideline no: nude men or women, male or female genitalia, or female nipples. This includes images in which such features can be seen through clothing or with the subject posed in a suggestive manner. For women, “nude” means without top and/or bottom. Try it and you’ll be permanently banned.
  7. has a language filter in place to block profanity and vulgarities. Don’t try to get around it, we’ll ban you.
  8. Use an accurate subject line to describe your post. Don’t try to get attention by using a deceptive title and please don’t post in ALL CAPS. Even if you’re angry.
  9. We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any member who threatens another with violence or harm. We’re cool with general banter or a sarcastic remark like “please move along or take a hike” neither of which is the same as threatening them with physical violence or harm.
  10. Has someone already posted your question or concern? Take a look around, use the search feature and see if your question or concern has been addressed.
  11. We are not here to embarrass TCU or so please don’t try posting anything that could.


  1. We have disabled the ability to post links or use html in our free forum. In premium we will allow the use of html but will not tolerate our forums being used to promote competing sites, commercial ventures or services and products or frankly anything that provides no value to sports fans of TCU.
  2. Personal messages are just that PERSONAL. Don’t post the contents of those messages anywhere else. Doing so will not be a good thing for your membership to the site.
  3. No solicitation! Of any kind! Money for charity, business, nothing.
  4. If you dox anyone you will be permanently banned from our site.
  5. We do our best to moderate our community but we’re not perfect so if you find a post that violates any of these rules, please report it to our moderators. You can do so here: LINK
  6. While we try our best to be family friendly, we’re all adults and can’t reasonably expect the forums to be rated G. Our rules are intended to prevent misconduct, egregious misuse and bad actors. That being said, you’re not going to be punished for messages that simply offend someone’s sensibilities or due to a disagreement in opinion. The forum’s “ignore” feature is there for those that are easily offended.

It is up to forum administrators to enforce these rules. Violators may be subject to suspension or removal and banishment of the user from our website.


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